Meet Pedenza's founder

Pedenza was founded by Kyle Jones in Bozeman, MT.  In recent years, Kyle has shown a deep interest in woodworking along with starting businesses.  In 2016, he put together his woodshop in Bozeman to launch Pedenza.  He settled on the name Pedenza, which means slope in Italian, to capture his brand because it is representative of his family's Italian background and describes the design of his piece as slope is the secret to the balance of Pedenza wine bottle holders.  Over the course of several months, Kyle designed and engineered Pedenza's products from the ground up.

Kyle launched his first business,, in 2015 selling self-balancing scooters (hoverboards) online.  Kyle coined the nickname Buck during his first business venture and sold the BuckyBoards business later that year at the peak of the hoverboard fad.  He has since shifted his focus to other projects.In 2018, Kyle founded PondDoctor ( PondDoctor maintains backyard trout ponds around southwest Montana. Trout are a relatively sensitive species of freshwater fish that require pinpoint water parameters in order to thrive. It is important to keep trout ponds tuned to their very best year-round. PondDoctor can perform a water analysis and, based the results, make a recommendation for cleaning and treatments to maintain an environment optimal for trout health. Several different factors can affect the parameters of pond water especially excess aquatic vegetation. PondDoctor provides aquatic vegetation removal including algae, pond weed, cattails, and stream channel cleaning. PondDoctor is the pool boy for pond owners in Montana!

Born and raised in Bozeman, Kyle is Montana native and recent graduate from Carroll College in Helena.  He studied Finance and Entrepreneurship and is passionate about all business realms.  While pursuing his own ventures, Kyle was also an active leader in Carroll College's Entrepreneurship program, and received Carroll's first-ever Certificate of Entrepreneurship.  Kyle enjoys all of the year-round outdoor activities that the Treasure State has to offer including hunting, fishing, and skiing around Montana.

Kyle "Buck" Jones, Founder | Owner Pedenza

Kyle Jones

Founder | Owner